ZTZ99 PLA Advanced Main Battle Tank

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ZTZ99 PLA Advanced Main Battle Tank
The ZTZ99 also called (type 99) manufactured by China Northern Industries group Corporation (CNGC) is the most advanced main battle tank (MBT) fielded by the PLA. first getting into the PLA service in late 2001, the ZTZ99 provides a major improvement in firepower, mobility, and protection compared to older Chinese-made tanks. As a ‘high-end’ MBT, the ZTZ99 was only built in a small number (~200) because of high unit price (~US$1.9 Million in 1999).

Weapon systems for the 125mm tank gun is the APFSDS round. It has a 30:1 length / calibre tungsten alloy penetrator. Muzzle velocity of the round is 1,780m a second and can penetrate 850mm steel armour from a distance of 2,000m. The tank can fire rounds of depleted uranium (DU), APFSDSs and kinetic energy penetrator. These can penetrate 960mm steel armour that is located 2,000m far.

The Type 99 also carries laser-guided anti-tank missiles, which fires from the main gun. Semi-automatic laser beam-riding guidance is employed by the missile. The missile's effective range varies between 100m and 4,000m. The missile system has been aimed at engaging ERA fitted tanks and low-flying air targets, at a maximum range of 5km. Four missile rounds are carried inside the vehicle.

A 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun is mounted on the commander's cupola; with an elevation of 4° to 75° with optical sight 1,500m is the maximum range against airborne target. The tank maintains a rate of fire ranging from 80 to 100 rounds a minute and carries up to 300 rounds. A fixed-mount coaxial 7.62mm machine gun on the right side of the main gun, can fire up to 2,000 rounds. Two five-barrelled smoke grenade launchers are on each side of the turret. By injecting diesel fuel into the engine's exhaust, additional smoke is also generated.

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